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Pwnzor InfiTech 2

  • Starting on Saturday, 6/25 at 3:45 PM PST (in 15 mins, not even open yet!)
  • No banned items (Be responsible please)
  • Looking to build a small community of friendly players that just like to play hard Minecraft together


  1. No griefing.
  2. No trolling or killing for no reason.
  3. No cheatin
  4. Be nice to everyone! makes the game more fun

To apply, just comment the following

  • Username
  • Age
  • History with FTB Server

I'll add you to whitelist once applied and accepted.



How to install the modpack

  • 1) Open FTB Launcher
  • 2) On top select 3rd Party Packs
  • 3) Click on Pack Codes
  • 4) Put in "17infitech" (without quotes)
  • 5) Click on Add
  • 6) Select it in the list
  • 7) Change "Recommended" to version 3.2.9
  • 8) Play and connect to server

Pack info:

History with FTB Server:good
Posted 26th Aug 2016
Username: Nolrem
Age: 16
History: Not Bad
Posted 18th Aug 2016
Not sure if this is how you do it but
Username: Ceanox
Age: 16
History: Good.
Posted 18th Aug 2016