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MayhavenProject Modded Survival


Welcome to MayhavenProject Modded Survival

There will be a set of items that will be restricted/disabled for player & staff usage. All items that have been picked to be disabled are known to cause issues on multiple other servers & personal recommendation from experienced modded players. The list is built by the community, if you have recommendations that should/should not be blacklisted, contact a Leader ASAP!The Modded Server will feature Anti-Grief where your base should be protected from Griefers! If your home has been griefed make sure to contact a Moderator or Leader to investigate the situation! The server will also Premium Kits that will be purchasable via Website that you can enjoy a little "Extra" in your modded experience with us!If Your Base is known to cause lag, it may possibly be removed, and or edited by a staff member to reduce the amount of lag that the base is causing. Items will not be refunded as this statement is within our /rules, please follow our rules & guidelines when playing on the server.We highly recommend using the platform/launcher known as the Twitch App, that was previously named Curse App. There you will navigate to the "Modded" Section of the Application and search for the FTB Infinity Evolved Modpack!

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