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Oracle - MC Infinity Evolved


Welcome to Oracle MC! We are the forefathers of a revolutionary concept that will forever change the face of the Minecraft community.
Ever since Minecraft’s official release in 2011 large server networks, combined with individual server owners have raked in MILLIONS
of dollars by accepting donations from players.

While the actual amount of money pulled in by network/server owners is not actually known; it’s pretty obvious that things were getting out of control.
This is where Mojang released it’s EULA update demanding that server owners comply with their new regulations. However, the EULA has yet to be enforced by law, and some networks are still raking in loads of money. So what’s that got to do with Oracle? Well, here at Oracle, we are daring to be different.

We want to harness the power of people in numbers to be able to make real, life changing commitments to those who need it.
What if those servers that were stacking bills gave a percentile of their money to charity instead?
What if the servers in turn donated to a better cause? What if…we used our monetary gains to help other people; instead of sticking it in our pocket?

At that point… the members of Oracle MC realized they came to a incredible idea….DONATIONCEPTION. Donactionception is the act of donating donated funds to an organization that YOU choose. Each time you donate, 55% of whatever you contribute goes to the charity of your choice. The remaining 45% is left to cover server costs, such as webhosting, server hosting, developing, and spreading the word about Oracle MC. Don’t just donate your money to a greedy server so they can make a profit.


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