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Server Info:

Our server is running with a private modpack and has 22 Slots currently.
The modpack is available on the FTB launcher so you don't have to download all the mods by hand.
We are looking for builders who are already experienced with the common mods.
The map is relatively new (Sep 21, 2013).
The server is running 24/7 and is located in europe.
(Slot limit will be increased from time to time if needed)

To apply just visit our forum at, register and look into the "Feed the Beast" section.
A template will be filled in automatically when you start a new thread.

Why should I register?

I know some of you dislike registering on other sites just for an application, but our forum
is connected with the whitelist and you will be automatically added to it after you got accepted.
Also you will get special access to hidden sections which contains some
important information, rules and the modpack code.
Plus, everything is easier to handle for us.

By the way, registering on our site doesn't require an e-mail verifaction.
So it only takes a minute or less =)

Some Rules

  • You have to be at least 16 years old to apply.
  • No racism, sexism, homophobia or any type of hate speech.
  • No advertising other servers.
  • No excessive Chatspam or Capslock usage.
  • English only in public chat.
  • Do not abuse existing bugs - report them to us.
  • Do not build devices which are creating infinite items on the floor or in pipes.

  • No griefing, including:
  • Destroying blocks placed by other players without permission.
  • Placing blocks on other player’s structures without permission.
  • Stealing stuff from others.
  • Flooding structures.
  • Building inappropriate signs.
  • Destroying crops without replanting.
  • All above also counts for public buildings (spawn, hub, etc)

For a list of mods we use visit:

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