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You ever wanted to play on a server which is not crashing every 10 minutes?You are bored to be on servers which the owner is always abusing of is power?You want to play on a server which having at the same time No Lag and Good uptime?SkyWaker is exactly that!

-We are giving a uptime of 99.7%,dont worry about the servers restart,play and keep playing until the server start to get lag!(we only restart every 23 hours or when the server starting to get lags)

-Our Staff is not caring about their power,the only use it to ban the criminals of the server!

-Looking for a different type of Gameplay?We are always looking to do events,mini-games and different things that the other servers doesn't have!

-Looking for a good community?Our community is reputed to be respectfull!If someone is ''Trolling'',he will get muted as soon as a moderator/admin see it!

-You're bored of the griefs?At the moment,we are working on the griefs protections,which meaning there is still griefs,but we are always working on the issue!

-You want a fair playing server?We made our system to let the players always want to vote,and that,without giving abused items!

-Looking for something else?Post it in the comments,and maybe it could happen on SkyWaker!

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