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This server is intended for hardcore players, please do not join If techpacks are to hard for you, this is way worse(trust me greg lost his mind since ultimate, to what degree ill let you decide)

aswell youll need fairly good machine with lots of RAM
the 10minute startup is verry normal. (this is due greg6 oredict)

Youll die alot, youll loose bundles. creeper will blowup your mudhut's
all sorts of fun.

this pack features gregtech 6 and the fusion reactors are back.
gregtech 6 isnt much documented right now. dont ask me how they work, just measure the creater for world records sake
pack and mods are pritty beta, things will go wrong on ocasion.

Towny, but with anti mob options disabled. will only protect your stuff from players!

Modpack is on ATLauncher and is updated regularly

Beyond Reality version 2.3.2

just use the recomended mods
add highlands..
and your prolly want journeymap also.
just nevermind what all that otherstuff is, you wont need it.

This is a testrun, dont be to disapointed if the server gets scrapt by lack of intrest. donate if you like it to stay

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