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MinecraftUniverse FTB Ultimate


Minecraft Universe Servers is a group of servers, consisting of a non-whitelisted vanilla server, and a whitelisted FTB Ultimate server.
The FTB Ultimate server is whitelisted to keep you safe, we all know that when a server isn't whitelisted it is much more likely to get griefed, and here at MCU we will do everything we can to avoid this happening.
We have staff who are willing to help you if ever you are in doubt, whether it be with working a mod, or just ways to make your machines work more efficiently, come and look to see if what you are building looks good, or just for general chit chat.

At the minute we are working on spawn so the area is a little bit bland at the minute, but as we get more done, the server will start to come alive.

The only mod that we have disabled is Mystcraft, and this is because I (jordsta95) have played on many FTB servers that have Mystcraft enabled, and especially on servers that have been up for a few weeks, the server becomes laggy, and sometimes shuts down because of people playing with Mystcraft. So to ensure you will have the least laggy experience possible, we have disabled the mod.

As for banned items we do not like to limit people on what they can make/use but there are a few items which are banned just to ensure that your builds are kept safe:
Mining laser, Portal Gun, Gravity Gun, Nuke, Destruction Catalyst and Chunk Loaders (World Anchors are still allowed)

The reason we have banned chunk loaders is so that people don't keep large areas loaded when they are offline. If you need an area loaded you can still use World Anchors and Quarries.

To get whitelisted head over to our website, and buy a "whitelist bypass" from our webstore for $5 to get onto the server.

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