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VelocityMC - Infinity Evolved Skyblock


Information: (15+ Server)

Server is ONLINE !

-> Write an apply here! <-

Items that can be used for griefing will get banned, Nuke etc.

IP Adress will be sent to you in a private message if you do get accepted!

We're currently a newborn community which searches for players! This server is also about being friends, help each other out & have great time everyday! We would like you to get an experience that you've never gotten before, like you are part of an awesome community! If we succeed with this you are going to have an awesome time! The server is online everyday (24/7). I hope you guys will get accepted and also have a great time on our server, peace!

~ icGbergz & icPanda


  • Do NOT give out items that skip gameplay-progress for other players.
  • No trading end-game items with people that are in the early stage of the pack, keeping it fun for players.
  • Try to use a minimal amount of chunk loaders active, as they can result in ALOT of lag.
  • If you are going to have a BIG mobfarm, have something killing the mobs automatically to prevent lag.
  • No scamming, it's a bannable offence.
  • Use common sense.
  • No Harrasing, it's a bannable offence.
  • No Swearing.
  • No Abusing.
  • No Hacking, it's a bannable offence.
  • No Spamming.
  • No Racism.
  • Don't " whine " about losing any valuable gear / items !

You know and are aware of the other standard rules of a Minecraft Server.

In order to join our server you need to answer these questions below:

  • How old are you? :
  • Ingame-name? :
  • TimeZone&Location :
  • How long have you been playing modded minecraft? :
  • What's your goals if you do get accepted? :
  • Do you agree to the rules we have? :

Thank you so much for showing your appreciation to our server & community! We'll hope to see you accepted very soon!

Information to the Moderators at FTB Servers / Players:

  • Server Location: Europe
  • Specs: 16 GB RAM
  • Up-Time: Everyday (24/7)
  • Modpack: FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock

If you find any glitches / dupes, report it to the Staff team online! (If no one is online, you wait for one to join.)

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