This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Feed The Beast Extended 1.1.4: Unleashed and Unhin



Whitelist HERE.

Server is 24/7: No PVP: Survival: Ars Magica: FTB Unleashed 1.1.3: FTB Unhinged 1.1.3

The Ragnarok team has pieced together a crossbred FTB monster, with the toughness of FTB Unhinged and the awesomeness of FTB Unleashed. Credit to Landrash for the epic configs. Found HERE.

There is a virus-free config pack that is required to get the two to play together - provided HERE. Includes Coremods- Tree Capitator: Mods- [1.5.2] Ars Magica -
UndergroundBiomes 1.5.x -

If you would like to sign up on our forums, you will be gifted iron tools of your choice (Just an FYI - it takes 13 iron ingots to make your first iron tool)

  1. Make sure you have fresh 1.1.4 FTB Unleashed installed.

  2. Run game once, then exit.

  3. Enable all disabled mods in the edit modpack tab.

  4. Copy contents of opened GregUnleashedv1.1.4.rar folder to your FTB install folder. For example C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\Feed The Beast\Unleashed\minecraft.

  5. Now press the merge all button followed by copy and replace. Watch the sparkling fairies. Wait, can anyone else see those?

  6. IC2 downgrade Here

  7. Remove IC2 from the mod folder and replace it with the above.

  8. Run game.

We also have a TeamSpeak server available - IP:


  • AerikAwesome
  • omenofstorms
  • Gauisus_vicis
  • MagusCrowley
  • mcDiscoStick
  • Optik_Chiron

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