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FTB Unleashed V 1.1.3 (Recommended)

Server IP-

16GB 24/7 Lag Free

Server is Finally out of BETA stage and is now where we want it to be. We wiped the map and wont have another wipe until FTB has a major Update! Map wipe on 12/1/2013 This is the map that's staying now!

Hello, and thank you for checking out our post! Vengence is a brand new server, But ran but an experienced owner. The server has many working plugins, and will have a great player created shopping center where any player can rent/buy/lease a plot at the market and creating their own store! We have been torn between Factions and Towny, because we want the Economic portion of the playstyle, But also the PVP factor. We will be starting off with Factions, and if the playerbase want's towny, We will glady switch. Vengence will Host multiple events, and games, and even run other servers with diffrent modpacks. Perk for playing on Vengence: - There is no constant world wipes. We believe that your hard work shouldn't ever go down the drain because of bad developers, or staff who are too lazy to fix a problem. - Vengence is a world ran by the players! This means you are all part in the building of Vengence, and always have a say in the future development of the world. - Playerbase ranks. Players will be able to make a name for themselves. If you donate, choose not too, or just can't afford it, Your work will never go unnoticed, and nobody can buy their way to supremecy. - The server will always be at it's best. We run a dedicated server with an excellent back staff team to ensure the server is always running smoothly with a constant TPS of 20. - Friendly, Mature staff. Our staff selection is very select, and we constantly moniter the progress of player and staff to ensure everyone follows the rules. - Vengence is not ment to be your typical Easy Mode server. Players will work for what they have, and there will be a sense of accomplishment when you achieve goals you have set. - Banned items will be limited, and most will be patch. We don't want to take away from your playing experience. - These are just a few of the many perks that set us apart. You will just have to come join us to find out them all!

We have Updated to Factions, Have a great Rank system in place, And are starting to host events! Come join us now for some Crazy PVP and Economic fun!

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