This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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RJDAT FTB Direwolf20


RJDAT FTB Direwolf20 Server.

[1] No griefing/raiding.
[2] No hacking/cheating
[3] No abusing powers
[4] No abusing exploits
[5] No spamming
[6] No advertising
[7] Please use common sense.
[8] No asking for ranks/OP
[9] No scamming
[10] No sexual comments/builds
[11] Turn off Caps Lock.
[12] No overuse of cursing
[13] Don't be mean to others.
[14] Don't like this server? Then leave.
[15] Don't complain that "OMG THE SERVER IS LAGGING." Change your video settings.
[16] No explosions.

Specs and Slots:
Slots: 42
RAM 2gb

We are a server that are looking for lots of people.
We worked day and night trying to get a great looking server.

We are currently on Beta and has some issues with plugins and permission issues. If you find on, report it to a CoOwner/Owner.

Banned Items:
Gravity Gun
Wand of Fire, Excavation, and Equal Trade.
Canvas Bag

Seeya at RJTDAT!

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