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Bloody Survival


We heard about untold riches in these wild lands, so we set forth to claim our part.
The lands were wilderness indeed, but we pressed on in search for our fortune.
When we made camp for the night, "they" came. The few who escaped the slaughter ran for their lives.
Here we are, the few who are still alive, in the middle of this wilderness, wounded and hungry.
We have to find shelter, and fast, or we will not even survive the coming night.
Our supplies left behind in panic and chaos, we'll have to make do with what we find along the way.

Hi! we're looking for a few more people on our small whitelist FTB-BloodNBones server.
BloodNBones: FTB launcher under "3rd Party Packs" tab at the top.
Makes gameplay a LOT harder, strong mobs, starvation, gas explosions, rare materials to reach higher tech, NOT for casual players.
While it is a rather hardcore difficulty kind of play, respawn is still possible, but leaves you weak and hungry.

Whitelist App :

  • minecraft username for whitelist file
  • should be age 18+
  • should speak english
  • Rules: no griefing/pvp, play as a group

Server Info :

  • Slots: 20
  • whitelist! contact me before trying to join
  • Hardware: dedicated server in datacenter, 12GB RAM, 3.4Ghz Quadcore Intel, 10mbit+ inet
  • FTB Pack: BloodNBones(1.1.5)
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • main activity around 17:00-24:00 GMT

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