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Arc Kingdoms | Mindcrack | Open To All | No Rules,


Server IP -

Server Website -

Server Teamspeak IP -

Rules - We believe in allowing the users to define how they want to say. If you want to grief, Go for it. Want to raid players bases, have fun! However we will temp-ban people who get on our nerves either by spamming or by flat out being annoying towards others, so just enjoy yourself and have fun.

Restrictions/Banned items - Portal Guns, Grav Guns, Canvas Bags, Tesseracts, World Anchors and the Twilight. Everything else is fully unlocked to all players

How many open slots - We have 40 slots open to everyone, Staff and Donors can ignore this restriction.
Anything to help protect my base from idiots? The Mindcrack pack contains several different mods to help users either keep their base hidden or protected from others. The most popular one on our server is MFFS, which can be used to create forcefields that kill people who enter them around your base.

Feel free to walk your way out of spawn and to your base, however we have warps setup :)

When you find a place to call home you should set your home there with /sethome so that you can always return there with /home.

Server Specs - The server runs on a dedicated 3.5Ghz AMD FX™-6300 Six-Core Processor with a 126Gb SSD, 16Gb RAM and 100 Mbit unmetered Bandwidth, which means that your server experience is our full concern and we wish to give you the connection and tools to build as much or as little as you want.

Staff team/Additional information - All of our server staff are allowed to play in the game, that being said if we play, we play legitimately. If you want to find out who our staff team is you can check our website for more information.

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