This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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MMC - FTB Infinity - 1.5.1 - [GriefPrevention][PvE


Welcome to Modded Minecraft!


Server Specs

  • Intel Xeon E5-1620v2 (4 Cores / 8 Threads)
  • 3.7GHz (3.9GHz+ Burst)
  • 64 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz RAM
  • SSD's


  • Will not lose inventory on lava / fire deaths
  • Voting accumulates 'Vote Points' for use within the donation shop
  • As much items unbanned / unrestricted as possible without putting others at risk


  • Be Respectful to both staff and players.
  • No hacking in any way, shape or form.
  • Do not intentionally lag the server.
  • Do not Dupe or use any exploit.
  • Do not Grief / Steal
  • Do not spam the chat.
  • Do not ask staff to use their powers for personal gain.

Banned Items

  • Chunk loaders
  • Wand Focus: Equal Trade
  • Quarry / Arcane Bore restricted to mining worlds

Notable Plugins

  • GriefPrevention
  • ReportRTS
  • Randomlocation

If you are having any problems please contact us using our website:

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