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CrainCraft Game Servers [Whitelisted]


Are you tired of servers that get wiped or shutdown right when your build is at it's zenith? Servers that run on someone's home machine and are up and down? Playing on servers with no one to play with? Not being able to switch between Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, Conan Exiles, ARK, and more?

Then CrainCraft might be for you. We're an active, friendly community, with forums, a Discord, helpful and friendly staff, and a couple of dedicated servers that we run all types of games on. We even take suggestions! Got a couple of friends that you want to play Factorio with? Come on over and we'll spin up a server and might just play with you :) If you're looking to play any other pack, including FTB servers, just let us know. We'll happily add it for the right # of people.

All servers are run on dedicated machines in our NYC Metro data center (these are owned servers, not anything rented) using i7-8700s and E3-1650v4 CPUs w/64GB of RAM and all SSD storage.

Current Server List
AllTheMods3 v5.11.2
Dungeons, Dragons & Space Shuttles v4.2
FTB Unlimited Reloaded v1.01
Enigmatica2 Normal v1.57
Enigmatica2 Expert v1.53
ProjectOzon3 v3.037
Stoneblock v1.033
SpaceAstronomy2 v1.55
7D2D: UndeadLegacy Alpha17.1 (waiting for mod's 17.1 release)
7D2D: Darkness Falls Alpha17.1
ARK: CrainCraftEternal (mods:

Simply join our Discord and ask to be whitelisted. You'll be dropped into the whitelist room upon joining. We'll need your IGN and server you wish to be whitelisted on (or you can put Whitelist: ALL).

Discord link is TpsJdTF

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