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Gorilla Network-

Gorilla Network-20.0 TPS!-FTB Beyond-Skyfactory 3

Sunset Inside of A Nation

Sunset Inside of A Nation

All the Gorilla Network Servers run at 20TPS all the time, Beyond has a towny like plugin to protect your land, people love to play on the server when they can because the community is so nice and welcoming. The mod and owner are both on anytime they can be, or at least will answer in the servers discord.

Never lags as far I know. With 100+ hours on the server with the 2 modpacks it has, it has been an amazing experience. The server has never been below 20.00 tps for longer than a minute. Would recommend this server to players who wish for a nice, lag-free modded experience.
Posted 14th Aug 2017