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All The Mods

All The Mods 7 by Trent (1.18)


ATM7 by Trent - All The Mods 7 1.18.2 Server

We try to provide the best and most enjoyable experience for our community.
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Server IP:

Server Features

• Stable Server
• Responsive Staff Members
• Active Community
• Fresh Map
• Vote Rewards
• No pay to win material

Note: Version 1.18.2 (v. 0.4.34) All The Mods 7 1.18 Modpack is required to play.

We also have other servers available.

Stoneblock 3:

We hope to see you online!

Tickets are not reliably responded to within 24 hours as stated in the ticket info. Owner will ban anyone who complains about lag. Owner also removed discord text channel where players could talk to one another and it killed the playerbase. They've since reinstated the channel but the server is not as active as it once was before they removed it.
Posted 16th Jan 2023
ModdedByTrent is a fantastic server. I have tried a lot of servers of the years. Some have been great. Some not so much. This server truly has a great staff and are always trying to stay ahead of every problem. I have played for a month and they have responded and worked on any issue i have. It's hard to say anything negative. I was trying to think of something i disliked about the server and team. I came up with nothing. Keep up the great work guys. You are doing great!
Posted 19th Dec 2022
Molded By Trent is the best community around. I have been a member of the community since the start and have zero regrets. First DW20 1.18, then Stoneblock 3, and now ATM7. There is nothing Trent and his team cannot do.

The community is super helpful and genuinely good people to play with. Trent amd his team are always quick to address community concerns.

11/10, would drop 200+ hours again.
- RevenantSin
Posted 9th Dec 2022
Minimal banned items, next to no lag, awesome server to play on!
Posted 9th Dec 2022