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Level 3 Engineers' Enigmatica 2 Expert Server


If you're looking for an Enigmatica 2 Expert server, you've come to the right place! l3e has been hosting our Engimatica 2: Expert server for over a year now! This server has developed an awesome community of great players. We've currently seen over 1000 unique users on this server in the last year. This world was created January 1st 2019.

This server is hosted on an i7-6700K with 32GB of ram and NVMe SSDs. Our server has virtually no downtime, accept for automatic restarts. These restarts help keep the server running at as close to 20TPS as possible. We have an active community and and active staff! This server doesn't have any banned items or blocks and is using Sponge plugins as well as custom written plugins to enhance the server.

For this server, you must join our discord, to gain full access. Once you're ingame, instructions on linking your Minecraft account to Discord are provided.

This server is located in Beauharnois, Qu├ębec, Canada.
As of 3/2 the server is running E2E v1.56

To connect, you do not need to specify the port. This is an error with

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