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PixelCraft!(Small Community)(New-Direwolf)(No bann


Hi there, today im opening up my small community smp server. It consists of a bunch of friends just playing some legit survival feed the beast. We are currently running the Direwolf20 Pack (Newest Version). This is a mindcrack style server so friendly pranks, helping each-over out is one of our main priorities. Ofcource all the regular rules apply no griefing/stealing of cource but i would hope we wouldnt need to remind anyone of theese rules just because of how small a community we are we wouldnt steal from one another. It is whitelist ofcource to stop all the trolls&griefers so you will need to fill in a quick form. Our age limit is 13+, we want mature players not little children, Must have a decent working mic aswell. If your not mature, get out of here. Skype is a priority, if you dont have skype you cannot join the server. Heres the application:

IGN&Real Name:
What is Mindcrack?:
Matureness Out of 5:
Are you a youtuber?:
Experience in FTB?:
Skype Name:

We reserve the right to change this application in any how shape and form at any point in time. If you have skype and would like to contact me through there your application might be accepted quicker. @ Mcendy11 .

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