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This server is a community server which includes multiple things. This server is a friendly server, under no circumstances should you grief, cheat, hack or script . What I mean by a "community server" is that everyone is friendly, helpful, fun to be around etc. An example of a "community server" would be the famous "Mindcrack Server". That's the kind of server I am reaching for. If you may want to be part of this please read below;

-The rules are clear; no greifing, stealing, hacking, cheating or anything that relates.
-Would be appreciated if you recorded for Youtube but not needed to join this server.
-Only accepting 6 people! (On top of the ones that are already playing).
-We are playing on the Unleashed Modpack (v1.1.3).

To join this server you need to match these requirements;
-Need to be 16 or over.
-Need to know about the Modpack you are playing.

If you are considering joining this server send an application that answers these questions; (copy and paste);

How old are you?

Where are you from?

How active of a player will you be?

Why do you want to join this server?

Send the application to one of the following(doesn't matter which one);
keith.purcell3 (Skype)

If you have any other questions don't be afraid to ask!

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