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FDG - Monster v1.1.2

Join our Teamspeak at: FrostydeepsGaming2.PlayAt.CH

Our FTB Monster server is one of a kind. We understand first-hand that having items banned on a server is frustrating, especially since a lot of those items are useful and fun to use.

Here at FDG we want you to enjoy the full experience of Monster without limitations. That said, we rule with an iron first. We do not tolerate ANY griefing, duping, xraying or exploiting.

We have an interchangeable voting rewards system based around the mods within Monster to introduce new mods to our players! They will be changed out every few weeks. We also offer a Mining world for anyone who would like to quarry or mine the old-school way.

It is a friendly, safe place to go wild and build to your heart's content, conjure up your wildest creations, frolic with the durdles within the rainbow forests in the Twilight, mine until you've stripped the world bare, and cake yourself in grease while creating every machine known to man!

Our owner even encourages any imaginative builders to join and create cities so the world can thrive more than it already is! Our server isn't just a community; we treat each other like family. Players are encouraged to hang out with us on Teamspeak as well! Any suggestions or issues are always listened to, so don't be shy!

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