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Haven's Cove | Agrarian Skies| Skyblock | FTB |


About Haven's Cove
Haven's Cove is a Player versus Environment survival server aimed at players of all ages. We go to great lengths to ensure that all players have a fun and peaceful playing experience.

There is 0 tolerance for griefing, theft and abuse in safe worlds! We play by the rule "If it's not yours, don't touch it!" Any issues are taken care of to the best of the Lords and Overlords abilities.
Plugins such as Mob arena, LWC, World Guard and many more help ensure that players are able to have fun and play fairly.

Every player has access to the following:

  • A personal Skyblock.
  • The ability to form groups and invite players to your block.
  • Access to Player and Server stores to trade commodities.

HQM (Hardcore mode!)
Basically a fancy word for hardcore mode.
In the Agrarian Skies modpack players have a limited number of lives. You can restore these with in game items. Unfortunately, once you run out you get banned from the server automatically. But fear not!

You can easily be unbanned from the server by simply posting a message/post below, or by joining our website and submitting a ban appeal in the "Hardcore Ban" section of the forums.
I highly suggest signing up to the forums as you will be unbanned much, much faster.
Although we will be lenient when it comes to unbanning you, there is one downside. Your Island will be deleted and you'll have to start again.

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