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My name is TiltedHippo, and I made this server because I like to be in control honestly, I know what I am doing for the most part, but I'm not here for the drama, I am a US Army veteran and I just want to play minecraft with people, so if you can play nice an respect other people then come on over, server is probably best 17+ I would say, also I have four children so my online time will vary, but I'm on alot.

This is a brand new server so things <u>Will</u> change, including but not limited to:
map wipes
unusual and unannounced down times (I will try to keep this to a minimum)
mod insertion or extraction (probably not but a possibility)
item bans will not be in place until needed and a work around will try to be found if an item ends up banned
this server is whitelisted for the time being, apply at the website, just an extra step to try to keep the ass hats out.

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