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DireWolf20 FTB server


  • LWC
  • Griefprevention
  • Chestshop
  • Essentials
  • IcePVP


  • icampbellx (Owner)
  • Npitzer00 (Owner)

Staff members have yet to be decided but im wanting experienced people who will play on here for a considerable length of time a day and be able to help out other people.

How things work on this server:

The way i would like things to work out on here (may change) is just for people to come and play and enjoy themselves while learning things about the modpack and possibly meet new friends too.

Im leaving pvp as optional as i know its about a 50/50 chance that people may or may not like to fight other players and have to defend themselves.

if players so wish to, they can donate to the server via the website to not only help pay for the server and websites fees but also recieve a special rank with some awesome commands, or possibly have access to items that non-donators may not have access to.

There is a points system which only has one use for now but that may change and more will be added, the way you get a point is by voting or signing up to our website. The points are then used to buy the non-donator ranks which are listed below this section. Each rank will come with a perk which are more home currently but that may change in the future, you also recieve a custom prefix to show your rank in chat and the color of each rank name is made in a way that the higher rank you are, the more you stand out in chat.


The rank system is fairly straightforward, it goes like this

Non - Donator ranks:

  • Newb
  • Member
  • Devoted
  • Addict
  • Veteran
  • more may be added to this at a later time.

Donator ranks:

Names are undecided for now.

  • Rank1
  • Rank2
  • Rank3
  • Rank4
  • Rank5

Staff ranks:

  • T-Mod (Trainee - Mod)
  • Mod (Moderator)
  • Admin (Administrator)
  • Owner

Thanks for reading, hope to see you on the server.

  • icampbellx

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