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Whitelisted Customized Monster Pack Server.


Hello and thanks for checking out our server!

This is a 4GB server hired from and we are planning to increase the RAM in near future. Currently the server is running very smooth and restarts itself every 6th hour to decrease memory leak.

The admins of this server are Rasmus and Philip, we are both from Sweden and we are 18 years old, currently studying programming and computer science in our 2nd year at high school.

As you can probably tell, we know alot about software/hardware-related stuff. We spend our spare time at the computer every day which gives us the experience needed to fix problems that we encounter.

Beyond that We both, or atleast I, Phill745 would be glad to help any players settle in in the World or/and help you with mods or just minecraft in general.
We have both been using monster for a long time and know our way around Most of the mods in the pack.

Regarding the server, we are using the FTB Monster Pack which has over 200 mods. This definately makes the gameplay experience much more fun and brings alot of variation.
We are very satisfied with the mods that the Monster Pack provide us with. But we have encountered conflicting issues between the mods, therefore we have both disabled and enabled several mods.
Because we recently started this server we have decided to keep it whitelisted for a while until we get Moderators and more players. This is to prevent griefing and potential corruption of the world.
We are also backing up the world files every day on our personal computers to ensure the safety of your progress.

You can apply to join our server if you accept the following rules:

  • No griefing or steal.

  • Be polite and dont offend other people.

  • If there is a bug/ingame issue/technical problem you contact the admins, dont spam the chat.

  • If a player is offending you, contact our admins/moderators (Actions will be taken towards the offender if we can prove it)

  • No intentions on crashing the server or corrupting the world (This will lead to a permanent ban)

    Regarding the application, all you have to do is to tell us a little bit about yourself, (Age, interests, minecraft experience etc). If we believe your serious enough we will give you a whitelist spot and hopefully you will have alot of fun with us!

If you have read this far you are probably interested in joining the server. Like we said earlier, we have both disabled and enabled mods for our server. We have uploaded a winrar file containing the necessary mods to be able to play with us, if you dont install these files, you wont be able to join the server. And of course, we have a installation guide in it on how to install them so dont worry!


Virus scan result:

If you need to contact us you can add us on skype

  • razmuz14
  • phill745
    Or mail

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