This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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FTB Unleashed pack via Feed The Beast Launcher
You will need to first Launch FTB Unleashed so it downloads everything, then exit your game, open the launcher again, select the FTB Unleased Modpack and click "Edit Mod Pack".
Enable the following mods...

  • BiomesOPlenty
  • Hats
  • HatStands
  • Vending
  • EnchantingPlus
  • PowerConvertors

World generated on 28/08/2013

To join the server first join our community page (, once accepted add your username to the "Usernames for Whitelist" file, you will be notified when you've been added to the servers whitelist.

The I.P is
We have our own dedicated Mumble server for voice chat.To download mumble go to

Our forums can be found over at

We are a friendly server with a goal to build together and play together.

There will be designated PvP arenas coming soon for those who wish to PvP. Also, anyone who loots from chests will be banned immedietly, no exceptoins

If someone changes something that's on your land or is part of your landscaping without your permission, please just let them know. If they're offline leave them a sign in their house or a book or something. Chances are that they just didn't know. If you want to build on or near something someone else has already built, just ask them if it's OK first.

To get FeedTheBeast go to and download the launcher.

For mod help and a full list of mods go to...

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