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Hello! I am currently looking for more players for my FTB Infinity Server. We are currently running the 1.10.1 Infinity since it is the most stable updated version. We will update as soon as newer versions become more stable. We are looking for awesome players who love to do all different kinds of things in the world! I love to learn new things about this mod pack and I always am when new players join! Right now there are only 20 players but as the community grows with more players we will consider increasing capacity.

What we ask of our players:

Please be Respectful: Please respect other players builds and their stuff. Stealing is no good. We do not allow or tolerate griefing or stealing.

Please be Mature : I am not putting an age limit on this but there are a lot of adults who play on this server and we don't want to sit here and ask a ton of questions about the mod pack while we play. There are a ton of Wikis and google works great for FTB help. Also don't count out You tube!

Stream: Yes you can! Please do if you feel the need!

Support: If you need help with a glitch or getting stuck somewhere make sure to ask either Radalei (me ) or Avilos27.

PvP: Yes PvP is on and allowed but no raiding. And only pvp if both players agree.

Fun: Most important thing of all! Have fun and build lots of awesome things!

Recently Whitelisted and restarted.

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