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ModPack: Infinity
ModPack Version: 1.7.0
Website URL:
Forums URL:

We are a newly restarted FTB Infinity server looking for fun active players. A lot of things are still being worked on and we welcome any helpful input from everyone.


1: GriefPrevention Plugin
2: /sethome and /home commands
3: /spawn Command
4: Frequent Backups to help keep your stuff safe
5: CoreProtect plugin to log actions and rollback griefers
6: Very minimal lag
7: Friendly and helpful Staff
8: Most explosion block damage is disabled (Creepers, Ghasts, Withers, Tnt)
9: Endermen griefing is disabled


1: No Griefing of ANY kind
2: No spamming chat
3: No begging for items
4: The staff are not a taxi service
5: No complaining about lost items
6: Try to keep swearing to a minimum
7: No racism and/or sexism
8: No 3rd party cheats (x-ray, ect)

Currently Banned Items/Mods:

MystCraft (Mod)
RFtools (Mod)
Nuke (IC2)
Mining Lazer (IC2)
Idustrial TNT (IC2)
Draconic Weapons, Tools and Armor (Draconic Evolution)
Charm of Dislocation (Draconic Evolution)
Charm of Advanced Dislocation (Draconic Evolution)?

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