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StonerBros Network

StonerBros Network

Starting to regrow...

Starting to regrow...

Early game stages
Building a shelter...

Building a shelter...

Because the night is full of danger
Adventure awaits...

Adventure awaits...

StonerBros Network
Minecraft support: 1.8/1.9/1.10/1.11/1.11.2
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Server List

  • Lobby - The main server with epic gadgets, morphs, particles, pets and much more
  • SkyKingdoms - Skylands & Kingdoms mashup, custom world generation, custom enchants
  • Vanilla - Pure vanilla experience, weekly events, no mods, no plugins, fair Minecraft
  • SkyFactory 3 - FTB mod pack server, skyblock like you've never seen before
  • KitBattle - This server is work in progress...

Network Rules

  1. No hacking.
  2. Do not exploit bugs or glitches.
  3. Freedom of speech.
  4. Report all abusive players to staff.
  5. No impersonating.

Staff Members

  • badbojus - owner (25 years)
  • Lauris1988 - owner (28 years)
  • loves_to_mine - admin/moderator (17 years)

Short Network Description
SkyKingdoms is fun and challenging game mode. Explore bizarre skylands world with your friends, create a kingdom and raid other kingdoms for land and treasury. It's like skyblock with no boundaries and factions in one. Server is using premium/custom plugins.
Vanilla is a replica of Minecraft Singleplayer mode. The server is as close to original Minecraft as possible. No ranks, no perks, no mods or plugins to bother you. And there are weekly server events with scoreboard objectives to keep you entertained!
SkyFactory 3 is one of the most popular FTB mod packs. It's skyblock on steroids, enjoy high tech mods and automate almost anything. You need Twitch App or FTB legacy launcher to play.
KitBattle server is work in progress and will be launched any time.

StonerBros Network invites you to play!

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