This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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ZG INFINITY |1.5.1 | *NEW* | 16+ | PVE | TEAMSPEAK


Brand new Biomes o Plenty map as of today.

Connecting: IP:



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No Whitelist Connect and play

Features: PvE No whitelist, just connect and play Towny style land protection system Economy, Shops Maps on RAM drive for faster chunk load Daily Backups Helpful staff Dedicated Server Online 24/7. +More Plugins: Essentials. Mytown2.0 Player Shops Jobs Random TP Votifier soon +More

Rules: No Griefing! - This is an extremely important rule that everyone must follow. Failing to adhere to this rule will result in the above punishments. If you aren't aware, griefing is considered stealing/breaking/messing with anything another person has created or is using, including land around their areas. Keep it friendly - This is a community of like-minded players who all want the same things. To enjoy their experience in the game. Do not under any circumstance ask for or demand OP - OP is not something that will be given out. Punishment for repeated infractions will result in you getting banned. Don't intentionally lag the server - If there is a current bug or something that you know will lag the server then you will be punished accordingly. The last and most important rule - HAVE FUN! It's Minecraft! It's Feed The Beast! It's our cyber home away from home! Join with others and just have fun. Disabled Items: -Mystcraft Doesn't work with Cauldron. -Nuke

How To Rank Up: You must register to I will then approve it and you will have full permission ;) it's basically whitelist without having to wait to play, for security.

Current Staff: -Versa -Sonic -Koop

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