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Feed The Bees Crackpack


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The staff are really friendly as well as the players! Laid back atmosphere with no griefing or PvP.
Posted 1st Dec 2018
Friendly players, and an active staff, I recommand it !
Posted 25th Apr 2018
Only for starting players, if you want to mess with endgame stuff, like ichor from thaum or awaken from draco you have to PAY or play ridiculous amount of hours (350h) to be even able to touch this things.

So i highly recomend you to find another server if you want to enjoy all things in modpack without beign robbed.

Also, uptime is the worst, its 50% time lagging and other half not available even if server is online.
Posted 31st Jan 2018
This is a very good server for those who are tired of vanilla minecraft and want to get back to how it felt the first night you stayed up and played because it was just that immersive. TW2 and this server attempt to reclaim it by adding new, yet intelegent features to the game and passes with flying colors. The lag is nonexistent most of the time, and the crowd is very sane, not like the chaotic piles of children usually under 10 on the mainstream servers, which gets old, if this sound familiar this place is for you. Build a frieght train complete with signaling systems, giant reactors, huge smelting plants, magic books, custom mass-mining tools and more way more! I normally dont write reviews but this place really does deserve it. Oh yeah, and the admins do actually visit the server and keep up on issues, as opposed to being absent for eternity because they are playing on some other server :P I took a hammer and smacked it on my thumb so my thumbs up would be nice and big for this one. :)
have fun! (ps tw2 needs feed the beast, but you can get away with only having 1 or 2 GB of memory unlike infinity and the like)
Posted 4th Jul 2016