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ShadowRaptor Network SkyFactory

ShadowRaptor Network SkyFactory 4


SkyFactory 4 Server IP: | Website:

Welcome to ShadowRaptor Network! We are a sprouting Minecraft server network that will consist of many servers. Currently, we offer a SkyFactory 4 server, with two more servers currently planned to be released within this year.

The SkyFactory 4 Server features Prestige! You can buy points with the in-game RaptorToken, which you can get in exchange for full Ultimate Energy Cubes! More info is available at spawn. The server also features a full fledged economy, with plans for economic expansion as the server grows. Currently, there are admin shops to sell basic resources, and a rental plot area for players to set up their own shops at their own prices. The area for this will constantly expand to fit need. We also have Auctions available for you with /auc to sell your items in other ways. The server also features Timed Ranks that will automatically be given upon reaching certain playtimes! We also feature dimension teleports at spawn for your convenience, no more cakes! You also have access to setting your own personal time with /ptime and weather with /pweather, so you can free yourself of rain's annoyance :slight_smile:

Timed Ranks: These ranks are earned by being in game for certain periods of time!

  • SkyDenizen | 1 day
  • SkyEngineer | 3 days
  • SkyCaptain - 1 week
  • SkyAvatar - 2 weeks
  • SkyDeity - 1 month Here is the link to SkyFactory 4. It can be installed using the CurseForge launcher, AT Launcher, or manually with MultiMC. This is not a vanilla server, attempting to join with a vanilla client will not work

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