This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Whitelisted | FTB Infinity Expert |No banned items

pin_drop (private server)


  1. No Racism or Sexcism
  2. No open defiance/ disobedience to the staff ( be patient )
  3. Do not build near spawn (100 blocks)
  4. Do not leave quarries unattended no more than 2 hours ( lagg purposes )
  5. No griefing.
  6. No pvp unless its openly agreed in chat by other player
  7. If something isn't working, moving etc. please report it in the bug tab so the mod/ server host and take a look at it.
  8. No spamming
  9. You have freedom of speech but slightly limited. No open debates about politics, conspiracy theory or religion. Philosophy is okay.
  10. Open door policy: If you have a problem with something or someone, please have a friendly discussion about it, even if the opinions conflict, we would like to have a friendly environment. No drama please.


Other Things:
-Minimum Age allowed is 18 years, If younger we can talk about it in discord.
-Do not build around spawn (at least 100+ blocks away from spawn).
-Keep a minimum distance from other players.
-Be friendly

In-Game Username:
What is your Timezone?:
How often will you be active in-game? (Hours per Day):
How much experience do you have with modded minecraft?:
Any Information you think we should know:
Any questions you would like to ask:


This server is complete shit, the mods are assholes and unhelpful. Everyone keeps touching my SPAGET. Jk this is a great server. Admin that does his best fixing the server and is friendly of you dont pm while hes sleeping :P
thanks to the modders who fuck up their own mods cough cough mega torches.. the mods are genuine people. Dank memes are welcomed. Im one of the mods, so if you need to be white listed. Hmu. Tha_Monsta88
Posted 15th Jan 2018

this is not a rating yet, I am trying to join, or at least make contact to apply however the dischord invite seems to have expired and ftbforums thinks my app is a bot ... grrr ...

Please assist me in getting into contact with you =). Im an old sod looking to play Revelation with friendly people.
The server replied:
Yo, sorry for the problems, here is a link that works. One of our mods removed the old one by accident
Posted 14th Jan 2018
Lag free, pretty decent server with active staff
Posted 11th Jan 2018
5 Stars. Nice Staff, Nice Community, only a few lags, and the community is very helpful when you have any issues with login or Item questions.
Posted 7th Jan 2018
@Whitelisted yes there is a rollback.
No compensation will be given.
if you dont want to lose data or anything, go play some vanilla minecraft because that is "stable"

Modded mc is NOT stable.
-The Server Owner

Makes you download the Beta version of modpack, while official version is out, has crash at least 8 times a day. Backups get used, they'll set you back 5-6 hours. If you want to repeat what you do constantly and progress nowhere, this is your server.

Owner is nice and funny and people are good though.
The server replied:
It is weird that you are the only one lets say "Complaining" about this.

the part of "No compensation will be given." is because everyone wants another compensation. And all players got rollbacked, not just you.

And if you can tell me that 190 mods are stable, go for it.

To bad to see you rated is "Awful" Atleast come in Discord and tell me how to solve it.
Posted 6th Jan 2018
Great server, little lag, helpful staff, nice community, and few banned items..
Posted 5th Jan 2018
Very fun server...very helpful and friendly community
Posted 5th Jan 2018
This is the best server ive ever played on and i love the community
Posted 5th Jan 2018
It's a really good and would recommend it to anyone
Posted 4th Jan 2018
Been on this server for a couple days now. Just getting back into playing FTB and what a better server to start on. Friendly community and the Owner very enthused to fix the broken parts ASAP. Server has virtually no lag and I'm very impressed!
Posted 4th Jan 2018
its an amazing server great people easy to get on
Posted 4th Jan 2018
Fantastic server Vayez is a great guy, very welcoming. Im new and he helped me out for a huge chunk of time. Everyone on the server is super friendly, it feels like a your in a basement with a bunch of friends.
no lag too, the map has also been preloaded to avoid map loading lag issues that most servers suffer!
Definately a 10/10!
Posted 4th Jan 2018
This server is basically lagless, the staff is very friendly and the community there is really mature and usually quiet, perfect for players that just want a nice and quiet den to play on.
Posted 4th Jan 2018
Great server with no lag and the best staff :)
Posted 4th Jan 2018
Very good server. Great community and barely any lag what so ever. Seriously impressed by the owner for finding such a great server provider.

If you're looking for a white-listed quiet server with around 10 players on a regular with a great community and no banned items with minimal lag. This is the server for you. Highly recommend.
Posted 4th Jan 2018
Friendly and active staff, stable servers, occasional lags when someone decides to /rtp 20 times in a minute.

Posted 4th Jan 2018
Helpful and friendly community. Server performance is amazing, feels like single player. Administrator is really committed to keeping the server up and operational at all times and there when you need assistance.
Posted 4th Jan 2018