This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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New FTB Infinity Lite

New FTB Infinity Lite 1.10.2 Dedicated Server





  • Whitelisted Community

  • 24/7 Uptime - We are serious about this

  • Powerful Dedicated Server - Low Lag

  • South East Canada Location - Low Latency in NA/Europe

  • Pre-generated worlds - No lag when exploring

  • Discord Channel with Discord chat synced to Minecraft -

  • Teleports - RTP, TPA, Warps, Back


We are a brand new community looking for people to join. We highly recommend you join the Discord if you are interested in playing. Right now we are only running FTB Lite 1.10.2 but we plan on adding another pack soon, if you are interested in something ask we might host it.



  • No stealing/griefing

  • No unwanted PVP

  • No cheating/abusing exploits or using hacked clients



FTB Infinity Lite 1.10.2



There is no silly application process, just drop your minecraft name and any information you want us to know in the whitelist channel on Discord (, here or in a PM. The server is recommended 18+ only.


Server Information:

  • Location: Montreal, Quebec

  • i7 4790k @4.4ghz

  • 32GB RAM

  • SSD Storage
They whitelised me and my friend to the server. We joined then we get kicked from there discord or something i thought strange then i get disconnected from the server. I try to join back and then un whitelisted us.
Posted 21st Nov 2016
Server owner is more interested in playing than addressing issues. Rules are not enforced.

This is a replacement for my last review, since the admin responded. He said:

- I asked for him to enable something disabled by the pack authors repeatedly despite being told no.

True. I don't have the logs, but I tried to convince him to enable the Digital Miner. When it became apparent that persuasion wasn't going to make a difference, I stopped asking.

- I 'lied' about FTBU chunk loading not working to try and get other chunk loaders enabled.

False. I indicated that I would like to know if whoever said the FTBU chunk loading wasn't working in other dimensions was telling the truth, and I suggested enabling the World Anchor from Railcraft if it didn't work. Your base buddy is the one who kept harassing you about adding Chicken Chunks. I couldn't care less what chunk loading is in a pack as long as it works. I asked you to test it in creative mode to find out since your base buddy kept saying it didn't work.

- "Harassing other players"
This is absolutely false. I spent the better part of yesterday asking another player (again, your base buddy) to stop talking to me, asking for the ignore function to be enabled so I could just play the damn game, and the admin did nothing.

Simple Definition of harass
: to annoy or bother (someone) in a constant or repeated way

You know, like continuing to talk to someone who has told you a dozen times to stop.

Admin, your base buddy saw a post on reddit I made asking the FTB team why the Digital Miner was disabled, and flipped out in PM saying I was "talking shit" about him. Which I wasn't. Apparently saying "I'm on a server where people are building Big Reactors on day one, but the Digital Miner is disabled for 'balance'?" is 'talking shit about _him_' as far as he's concerned.

Later, I invited a new player to base with me since he was looking for a companion. He said he wanted to 'help'. His idea of help was to use up all the resources I was trying to make a storage system with to make some jetpacks. He didn't mine to replenish the resources. And when I said if he wasn't going to help with the mining I didn't want to base with him, he started attacking me. Then I told him to take the stuff he made and just leave, and he took my diamonds and threw them in lava. And then when I brought it to the admin's attention I got banned for 'acting like a c***'.

I don't 'act like a c***' to people for no reason. Maybe if you actually did your job as an admin and stepped in when people are breaking your rules I wouldn't act like a 'c***'.

To recap: The admin's sycophantic base buddy insults people and harasses them, responding with 'Please stop talking to me" is considered 'harassment' by the admin (while he does nothing about the actual harassment). People blatantly break the rules (no stealing;/griefing - no unwanted pvp) and apparently if you get angry about it when it happens, you're 'acting like a cunt'. This server sucks. Find somewhere else to play where the admin actually feels like doing his job.
Posted 21st Nov 2016