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Ultimate version: 1.1.2

Decided to create this server because I was getting fed-up at the amount of servers with so many rules, item bans, and other limitations.

On this server, anything goes. You can raid, PvP, grief, it's all good. Playing with unfair advantages though, such as x-rays, dupe glitching, fly mods, etc, will not be tolerated. I tend not to ban really, but I will destroy everything you have.

Points worth noting:

    * No world borders, go as far out as you want
    * No limitations for non-donators, because I don't like the idea of pay to win
    * No abusive or childish admins, they ruin too many people's games
    * 16GB of RAM, about 3GHz dual-core of CPU power
    * World is stored in RAM, to help with load speeds
    * I'm a 24 y/o Web Developer, so I'm capable of maintaining the server
    * Only 1 banned item (canvas bag)
    * Keep inventory on death in overworld (after a vote, may disable this)
    * No resets
    * Should be around for a long time as I have the funds and knowledge to keep it running

I have had to ban canvas bags for now, due to the rather overpowered dupe bug it brings in, but I hope to add it again soon. Also, Mystcraft is limited. You will need to provide me with the pages so I can make the book myself, and there is also a rule of 3 people per Mystcraft age. Mainly to avoid server crashes.

The server only has Factions, Essentials, and WorldEdit (to fix spawn land whenever it gets nuked). I like it when servers are simple. Don't like to over-complicate things. If anybody has any suggestions though, such as building a spawn, adding in economy, or adding another plugin, I'm open to these suggestions and will keep note on demand.

Look forward to seeing you guys for some happy raiding!


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