This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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NEW SERVER!!! Magic Beans / A Free Magic World 2 S


Disable KAMI before logging in :)

Magic World 2 server with very little banned. We are looking for mature players who want to create and explore the magical world. PVP allowed for friends, No griefing structures to promote creativity.

Our Server is about experiencing the mod packs in the way the creators intended them. This gives our players more than most servers and with that power comes responsibility to not abuse mods. Because we give our players so much freedom we do not issue warnings for abuse we ban bad players immediately. We would rather ban a player than ban a mod for everyone.

We have monthly contests and player controlled economy. Server does not sell many items, to promote a player driven economy.

Sick of servers that bug you about donations? You will never hear a peep from us. We hate the nagging and pay to get ahead mentality. We accept donations for server improvements only. Our donor rewards are extra's and do not affect the gameplay of others.

This server is for mature players only! Players can join tows with others but each player is expected to experience mod packs in their own way. Have fun!

We use a /home system instead of /tp.. This allows you to set up to 20 homes and invite players to them. We find this a much better system than /tp as you can give or restrict access to your locations even when your not online.

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