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Cloud Capture's Canopy


Welcome to Cloud- I mean, Canopy Capture! We understand that Skyblock isn't for everyone, and without Fly, it can get so frustrating! And so, we've made a separate server that gives you all the mods and custom goodies from our "Cloud Capture" SkyFactory server, but in Survival form! Replace that endless void with land and water! No more frustrations, only crustaceans! We're always working on features and plugins to make an exciting server for players, and to promote the social aspect of Minecraft. Our owners have worked in other servers, and we know that the community is one of the most important aspects of a server. Were constantly encouraging suggestions and feedback to make a server for the players, not the staff!

We hope you'll give us a try, we look forward to seeing what you think!

-Walrus and Arakai of Cloud Capture-

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