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Lolnet Minecraft

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Welcome to Lolnet Modded Minecraft

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1.10 Servers

AOE Age of Engineering

FTB Beyond FTB Beyond

SkyFactory 3 SkyFactory 3

1.12 Servers


notthebeesNot The Bees

EnigmaticaEnigmatica 2:Expert


MS3Modern Sky Block 3

FC3Fool Craft 3



ContinuumFTB Continuum

All The Mods 3All The Mods 3

SevTech SevTech: Ages

Vanilla Vanilla Survival

Why Choose Lolnet?

Lolnet is a Gaming Community providing services for players from New Zealand, Australia and to the globe including, USA and Asia.

  • Experience - We have been running minecraft servers since January 2011 so we know what we're doing.
  • Security - Users can protect their property with Grief Prevention which is specially designed for modded minecraft to prevent griefing.
  • Community - We pride ourselves on having helpful staff and a friendly community who want to have fun while playing minecraft.
  • Hard - We have players and staff who are up for a challenge and we run modpacks like Age of Enginering and Sky Factory 3

We also have:

Website and Forums - Visit our website & forums to chat about games, gaming hardware and of course your favourite Minecraft servers.

Discord Voice Chat - We think games are better when you talk to people and we have our own Discord Voice Chat server which runs in your browser, on your computer and on your iOS or Android device. Join us here!

the rtp relkoad is to long
Posted 17th Sep 2018
Joined got stuck in spawn for 60mins because of the tp timer also being able to see chat from people playing other servers is annoying
Posted 17th Dec 2017
Was kicked for my username before even having a chance to read the rules or interact with anything.
Posted 26th Nov 2017
They offer servers for all the main modpacks, which are all regularly maintained and updated.
Posted 22nd Nov 2017
Great community. Not only are the staff helpful but also the other players. Definitely a great server for both new players and old players. Family friendly too.
Posted 18th Nov 2017
Amazing server with a variety of gamemodes to play. Absolutely no lag on this server, and the staff are as friendly as possible. Also this server reaches it's goals of being a family friendly server
Posted 27th Jun 2017
Great Community, Friendly Staff.
Posted 23rd Apr 2017
Horrible Staff and servers lots of lag
Posted 27th Feb 2017
awsome people, kid friendly, and excellent pings
Posted 21st Jul 2016
Great fun friendly server
Posted 4th Jul 2016