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BEEFyCraft MindCrack 8.2


BEEFyCraft Beta-Stage 3 (final)

[House Rules]

  1. Building, claiming, griefing and raiding is allowed anywhere in the Wilderness.
  2. PvP allowed anywhere but not near safezones.
  3. Claiming near safezones is NOT allowed unless it's a trading-zone.
  4. It is not recommended to build close to the WorldBorder.
  5. Keep public chat in English. FactionChat is installed for everything else.
  6. We allow strong language in the chat. But keep it civilised. (No spam/harass)
  7. You are allowed to build any kind of "safe chest" such as personal safes, Enderchests etc.
  8. If an Enderchest can't be placed; then the same colour is already claimed.

[Banned Items]

Chunkloaders, Mining/Digging Turtles, Alumentum, Destructopack, Dynamite, Nukes, Zeppelins, Canvas (Bag), Portal Gun, Gravi-Chestplate, Mining Laser.


-> Dynamic Twilight Forest - New seed every week!
-> Factions - Group up and conquer the world.
-> Factionchat - Private chat between Faction and Allies.
-> Increased difficulty - Normal/Medium difficulty with stronger mobs.
-> McMMO - No levelcaps and rebalanced skills.
-> Ranks - Only gains perks. No crafting restrictions.
-> World Economy - Both physical and digital currencies.

[Installed Plugins]

Anti-lag (custom scripts), Chestshop, Essentials, Factions, FactionsChat, Groupmanager, MobControl, McMMO, TekkitCustomizer, Timber, WorldBorder, Vault, Votifier.

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