This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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~~Feed the Bones~~MindCrack~~

Zep's not realy legit Factory

...........~Hello out there Minecraftians!

  • We are a MindCrack Minecraft Server -

Register on our forums just click here

Contrary to the Region listed here
We are actually a Dallas, Texas Based Server in U.S.A.
The link is to a website in Sweden, which then routes you to the server

If you are new to Feed the Beast,
Then you will be delighted to know we have an Attentive,
Mature and Helpful Staff!

If you are an Experienced Feed the Beast Player,
Then you may enjoy some of these Helpful Commands!
[/sethome] [/spawn] [/warp {player-name}]
[/chunk claim] [/chunk unclaim] [/summon {player-name}]

FTB (Feed the Beast) Has a few well known Bugs and Exploits

  • Which can Devastate the Server and your Experience!
  • Due to such Issues We have Disabled the Mods listed Below -

FTB is in Beta and Updates may resolve these issues in the Future
If this Happens they will be Back!

  • First and Foremost our Concern is on
    Giving our Players an Optimized Adventure.

  • NO Griefing/Raiding/Stealing/ Temporarily -
    When there is a "More Flexible" Form of Protections
    This Is Highly likely to Change!

  • We Hold Community Polls -
    Dedicated Players can help Shape their Time here!

Overall this is a FTB Survival Server that Strives
To Provide the Player with a Well Maintained and Enjoyable Time here!

  • Make Sure you Read the Rules in Spawn -
  • Follow them and be Respectful -

Have Fun and Welcome!

  • New Beginnings often lead to Happy Endings! -

TeamSpeak Server IP:

  • Use Your In Game Name on the Teamspeak Server -

Moved to new host. Please help keep the server running strong. We need your help!

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