This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Ftb Ultimate, Absolutely No Lag! Minimal Banned It

Lovely Spawn!
The donor shop! "Black Smith"
Donor Zone!

The Ultimate Server Is Back!

We give you the best gaming experience out there! We offer you one of the best server experience we offer you the best staff. Your asking whats so good about your staff? Well here it is, Our staff will help you under any circumstance they will not stop helping you once you are satisfied. We are a new Community open to ideas! On our website we have a user friendly website that allows you to do anything you want. Unlike other websites where you have to register and post what you need on a forums, And wait... Well with our website you don't need to do that! We offer forms instead of a Forums. The server owner gets a chance to read each and every form each and every day!

We are an anti-grief server. We have a rollback system! BUT! If you do not protect your land you will not be refunded any items..

Visit our website at: Http://

Banned Items:

  1. Book Binder
  2. Fabricator
  3. Chunkloader "Donors Only"
  4. Mining Laser
  5. Unifier
  6. Nukes
  7. Gravity Gun

We are currently looking to unban even more items! So wait Canvas bags are allowed? Yes they are allowed! We give you the best gaming experience you could ever get.

Engineer Kit:
This rank contains

  • 1 Project table
  • 1 Rotary Macerator
  • 1 Singularity Compressor
  • 1 Centrifuge Extractor
  • 1 Induction Furnace
  • 64 Lapis Lazuli Ore
  • 64 Gold Ore
  • 64 Iron Ore
  • 16 Diamond Ore
  • 48 Ruby Ore
  • 64 Uranium Ore
  • 64 Copper Ore
  • 64 Redstone Ore
  • 64 Tin Ore
  • 3 Spot Loaders
  • 1 Advanced Jetpack
  • 1 Advanced Chainsaw
  • 6 Hybrid Solar Panels
  • 1 MFE
  • 1 LV Transformer
  • 6 Reactor Chambers
  • 1 Nuclear Reactor
  • 1 Recycler
  • 64 Glass Fibre Cable
  • 4 Overclocker Upgrades
  • 48 Standard Machine Casing
  • 48 Reinforced Machine Casing
  • 1 Industrial Electrolyzer
  • 1 Implosion Compressor
  • 1 Industrial Centrifuge
  • 1 Plate Bending Machine
  • 4 Personal Safes
  • 1 Portal Gun
  • 1 Advanced Drill

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