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Ultimatum - Factions



Ultimatum Factions is a revamped relaunched server aiming at HIGH economy and very hard gameplay!
We plan for only the best of the best to join us on our journey through war!

Spawners can be mined with Silk Touch, however they do not save mob data thus making Raiding and Spawner Setups VERY different.
Around spawn is a shop that offers players Spawn Eggs, right clicking on any spawner with one will change its mob type, to balance out the economy, spawn eggs are 750k-5m, whereas the server shop price for a spawner is 35m!

The economy in-game will explain to you itself how it will be achievable for people to get to these amount of cash easily.
The server shop is not a GUI to save server lag the server shop is all command based.

Sell and Worth both work in-hand.
If confuses you, minecraft: something with 2 words in its name such as emerald block would be minecraft:emerald_block or Emerald_block whereas a lever would be minecraft:Lever or lever

We are a new server so respect that atfirst there wont be as many people to war with, but the first comers get the fresh spawners in the land, each spawner has a max in-game player sell price of 15m to avoid the only source of spawners being the server shop.

I hope to see some of you join in with us!

Owner - The0utlaw

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