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FTB Revelation

[FTB Revelation 3.0.1] VileNation|Economy|Shops


Attention: The Server IP has changed! The old IP ( will no longer work! Please use the new IP to connect!

Welcome to Vile Nation! This Server is a small community-driven playground with a dedicated and friendly playerbase. We strive to provide a professional experience comparable to the big servers while maintaining a small and personal atmosphere. You will not be buried under the mass of players without your voice being heard here!

This Server has a number of plugins added to enhance the experience and protection for players!

  • Advanced Grief Prevention: Keep your claims safe, no bypasses or loopholes! This is a no-griefing server
  • Better Chunk Loaders: By default chunks are only loaded while you are online. This improves server stability with fewer chunks loaded at any given time
  • LuckPerms: Allows for much more in depth control and flexibility over the Permissions of Vanilla Minecraft
  • Nucleus: The Ultimate Essentials Plugin - You don't really need to know all of what this does, but it's cool.

In addition to Grief Prevention we have implemented an advanced and functional Economy! This Economy is not simply a bunch of plugins slapped in and called good, no, we have gone through and carefully balanced the values to satisfy and incentivize people to partake!

You can earn money by:

  • Jobs: Accept a Job based on what you do most frequently! Miner, Lumberjack, Digger, Hunter! Earn cash to buy and sell with other players!
  • Salary: There is a base Salary of $25 every 15 minutes so that everyone can make some money no matter what you're doing!
  • Lottery: Feeling lucky? Want to throw down? Buy a Lottery Ticket! The pot grows based on how many people buy in!
  • Shops: Buy a plot and set up shop! Sell items that other players want to buy but don't want to get on their own!

What can you do with your money?

Aside from the obvious of buying items from players, the Server also offers a Creative Shop which has a number of powerful items that can be positively drool-worthy.. But these items are expensive! Better get grinding..

Ranks! You can buy a special rank which gives perks! Show off, and unlock greater potential!

The available ranks are as follows:

  • $10k: 6 ChunkLoaders, 3 Homes.
  • $25k: 9 ChunklLaders, 3 Homes, /Hat command.
  • $50k: 9 ChunkLoaders, 1 OfflineLoader, 4 Homes, $35 Salary, /Anvil, /Hat commands.
  • $100k: 18 ChunkLoaders, 2 OfflineLoaders, 6 Homes, $45 Salary, /Anvil, /Hat, /EnchantingTable commands.
  • $200k: 25 ChunkLoaders, 4 OfflineLoaders, 8 Homes, $65 Salary, /Anvil, /Hat, /EnchantingTable, /Repair commands.

In addition, Twitch Subs get a special in-game visible Sub Badge from my Stream!

How do we keep it balanced?

Taxation! Taxes run every Six hours. Each time Tax runs it deposits some money into the Lottery pool to re-circulate some currency. Taxes scale aggressively based on income-per-cycle so the rich players who make a ton of money can get taxed upwards of %50 Ouch!

This throttles the rich players. It becomes easier to keep up.

If you don't make very much money in a cycle, you get taxed very little, or not at all!

I hope you take some time and visit us in game! Please enjoy, and have fun!

For information about the server please join today! Or visit us on-


It's a rare thing to find a server with a friendly community, great grief prevention and no lag. This is that server. Player shops, responsive helpful staff, and family-friendly atmosphere makes for a good playing experience.
Posted 1st Jul 2019
Great server, good admins, server just became fresh on 5/28 to update to 3.0.1, community seems nice and plays well together which is good with the economy/jobs addons. Would highly reccomend.
Posted 28th May 2019
No lag, good staff. Well functioning economy, very fresh server too.
Posted 19th May 2019
Runs very well, admin is professional and accepts suggestions and criticisms well. A server worth investing time in.
Posted 5th May 2019