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Wither Craft


Let's make this simple shall we? My friend, and I love to play ftb, we finally settled on Infinity as our new modpack, and we joined a few servers. We were enjoying ourselves, but then we realized we weren't experiencing the whole game, because like 15% of the items in the game were banned from the servers. So after searching for days with no luck, we finally decided on making our own server, and having no banned items, so everyone can enjoy the whole game in a multiplayer experience. We only have one, and a half rules, our biggy is NO HARASSMENT, it leads to people quiting, and/or not enjoying the game. The only other thing is that PVP is on, but if you go around just randomly killing people we will kick you, or give you a temp ban, becuase we want people to want the fun cooperative multiplayer experience that we all want. So come on over to our server, and just give it a try.

PS: We have just made this server so the terrain is new, and we haven't really setup our permanent spawn, or protection plugins, so we can reimburse you on anything stolen, for the moment enjoy, just contact an admin or owner if they are on, lists are above our rules at our temporary spawn.

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