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Creative 1.7.10 CloudInterest's Minecraft Server (


Good Evening Everyone,

Firstly, it's truly a real privilege being apart of this forum board community! ;)

So long story short, my dearest friend and I developed a cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) business back in 2008, and since it's been an awesome ride providing environments to media content owners (e.g. YouTube channel owners and Twitch streamers). Needless to say, a ton of our users have inquired about Minecraft servers since the start of 2013, and we never really considered it until last month. The majority of our team are gamers at heart and very active across different communities, whether it be WoW, GW2, Eve, of course Minecraft, and the list goes on. With an abundance of extra computing resources available to "play with" or develop on, we decided to launch a Minecraft server for the community.

With the launch of our new server, we've a few thoughts and end goals in mind. We would love this server to evolve over time for creative, ambitious, and interested players who are crafters at heart. While our team is very knowledgeable with server administration (e.g. OpenStack, Xen, VPS', etc), we have more limited experience and therefore wisdom with Minecraft server management. So with this server launch, we want to work WITH the community on design, settings, resource utilization, and so forth.

As of launch, we've dedicated an entire VPS with 12GB DDR3 RAM, 3 - i7 cores, 1Gbit ports, 400Mbit network backbone, and 256GB SSD RAID10.

This server will remain free and open to the community, and we definitely want this available for the long-term. We would LOVE to hear feedback, mod requests/suggestions, and whatever else necessary to make this world great for the creative crafting community. If you have any questions, please never hesitate to reach out to me directly via email - - I'm available 6 days a week from 6:30AM - 6PM. More than happy to grant creative mode as we ramp up!

Server Information:
Port: 25570
Version: 1.7.1

Thanks everyone! Can't wait to hear from the community. Enjoy the world!


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