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New Revolution


Welcome to the New Revolution of Feed the Beast!

On our server, we have many well-mannered and helpful staff members!
We have a minimal set of rules and we've only banned necessary items, e.g. portal guns for griefing.
We're willing to help you learn the mods and if you ever have any problems you can ask an admin or moderator.
If you have a serious problem such as server crashing or someone griefing spawn, you can notify the owners Marc and Moosh.
We will even have drop parties once every one or two weeks to reward you for playing on our server.

If you would like to become staff, we have certain requirements, and you can apply on our website:

Requirements include:
Must be age 13 or older.
Must have played on the server for 30 days.
Must have helped with at least 1 server project e.g. building spawn or a player shop.
Must be trusted by the owners.
Must be willing to help players with their problems.

These are included but may not be the final list
Also, not all applications will be approved

Our banned items include:
All Portal Guns

(still working on banned items)

We hope you have fun on the New Revolution!

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