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Stoneblock 1.0.28 - With keepInventory!


Direpixels Stoneblock 1.0.28

Thanks for coming and checking out Direpixels! We've just opened and we're super excited to share our passion project with you.

This has been a long time coming but we're finally ready to release! We offer an incredibly chatty and talkative server, along with trustworthy staff and fellow players.

On top of this, the world is all pregenerated so there will be no lag from excessive exploring! :)

What we offer:

A very stable and fun economy - We offer player markets and server shops so you can sell whatever you want!

A community for all ages - We have keep inventory enabled, and pvp disabled! So it's fun for everyone!

A fair and a non pay-to-win server! - Rank up and earn rewards for for playing!

View all the ranks you can earn!

Wanderer - Default rank.
Explorer - 1 hour.
Adventurer - 6 hours.
Voyager - 12 hours.
Trusted - 24 hours.
Trusted+ - 48 hours.

So I've collectively put in about 40 Hours of game time. I'll try to keep this unbiased despite the friendly relationship I share with some of the current staff as of (Nov 2018).

[Pack Variety] is lacking. As of the previously stated date the server has 2 Skyblock variants (Skyblock Adv & Stonebound) and there are murmurs of a Pixelmon pack coming soon. (Some users are already playing it but there's been no announcement so idk if they have a server running in a *private* private server???? Whatever.) This server used to host a Direwolf pack (as indicated by the name) but that was shut down due to lack of donations. There is no gauge, goal, or chart stating what they needed to keep it going anywhere on the discord, enjin site, or servers themselves. This left quite a few people confused and from what I've learned by chatting around those same people are scared to invest time into a different pack since that too might suddenly get shut down. The general player base however has already migrated to Sky Adventures and are having a good enough time there with a few stragglers trying out Stonebound. As of right now I haven't heard any plans to add another traditional modpack back so if you are hoping for that, keep this in mind.

I think a general thing you'll feel in this review is the lack of [Communication]. This is to be expected with newer hosts with little experience. The only people who are really in the know are select staff members and the owners of the server, who aren't around to answer every little nitpick and question. When the communication between the owners and staff is lacking you were right to expect to be lacking even more between players and staff. It doesn't matter where you go, the information you are reading is very likely out dated. The main hub for information seems to be the discord (as the enjin looks like it died somewhere cold and alone). As I type this the main server is still (the now discontinued) Direwolf, the server IP must for Sky Adventures must be gained from staff (or you just search for the term ip in discord search which makes the hiding the ip thing redundant), stonebound's ip is public and accessible. One of the owners who is supposed to be keeping up with that has gone MIA and no one is sure what's going on except for, once again, exclusive staff and the other owner. If even that. Being honest here. It's a mess. But once again. Baby server. Give them some wiggle room.

The [Community] is the first and maybe only positive I can put on this review unfortunately. This includes the staff but as soon as you come in you get a warm welcome and inquires about your day. They treat you like family here. It's laid back and relaxed. Any and all drama is (mostly) hidden behind a thick curtain so you can enjoy yourself untainted. There's always at least a couple of people willing to chat in the voice call and the servers (used to, this is coming back I believe) be unified with a chat that shares between minecraft and discord. So even when playing you can still engage with everyone else. It's very cozy and if that's the atmosphere you are looking for, it can be found here.

Too bad the [Gameplay] is lacking. We have a few plugins depending on what server you go to. But universally, as advertised, this server has -Keep Inventory- on. If it wasn't for this feature alone I don't see a lot of the player base sticking around if the community didn't get their hooks in. The tps is terrible, no matter if you play Stonebound or Skyblock. The staff have no clue where the problem is and no amount of cleanups or restarts are fixing it. That's another issue. The server will clean up items very often. It feels like every 15 mins but I haven't sat there and counted. It gives you a warning 1 minute before it cleans all dropped items and it gives exceptions to items that are fresh out of your inventory. It's distressing nonetheless. The server will also restart about 2 times every 12 hours. Once again I haven't counted. This isn't the worst I've seen but it really kills your rhythm to encounter 2 restarts in 1 session. Instead of 1 restart at the end of every night when most people are asleep.

[Banned Items] Nothing much to say here. It's the usual suspects. Nothing crippling. You'll live. This server is actually surprisingly lenient compared to it's peers who ban things like hoppers. (I've heard murmurs of banning ender io conduits. If you are like me that's a deal breaker but I've never seen this ban actually happen even back in Direwolf. I doubt those murmurs are credible.)

[Ranks] Based on play time. You get another /sethome with each rank. Something I'm not sure they say anywhere but it's true.

[Conclusion] This server needs work. It needs attention. It needs care. And most importantly it needs time. All things that the staff lack. And community enough isn't enough for a lot of you. Especially with block lag, losing items upon breaking objects, untimely restarts, and fringe modpack selection. This server will never reach mediocrity. It will either stay here in the negative or once these issues are fixed, it will be propelled into greatness.

Thanks for reading.
Posted 1st Dec 2018
Why have they banned me for stealing, the only thing I think they are referring to would be the person who gave me those things in the store but I do not know anymore.
I do not understand why I'm banned for stealing, I'd like to talk to the admin if I could be.
My username is : SrJandro72
Posted 21st Oct 2018
Loving this server <3 Honestly one of- no, the best modded server I've joined. Community is lovely, and it's lag free. Always active people too, so you're never by yourself. Glad to see it growing, getting new players every day and I hope to never see the end of the server :)
Posted 9th Sep 2018
I love this server, I may be biased because I think of Brandon as a friend, and Im staff on the server... I still enjoy the community and the people that I interact with.
Posted 26th Aug 2018
All the people are really welcoming, and the support for the server is amazing. Would definitely recommend.
Posted 23rd Aug 2018
Most new servers tend to struggle with a large player base early on in their development, but Direpixels has, in my experience, had very few problems in its early stages. All the staff on the server are very friendly and are always happy to help players in need. The community itself is also very supportive and helpful, with players often helping one another with problems.
Posted 23rd Aug 2018
Great Brand New Server, Admins are very helpful and open to suggestions from players for how to improve the server... Good Luck!
Posted 17th Aug 2018
What version? Why make a post and then leave people guessing to what version you are using?
The server replied:
Very sorry! We just assume players are on the newest version!
Posted 10th Aug 2018