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Server info:
Whitelisted small community server with limited slots, will expand if we need to. Add me on skype to submit your application: nathanp24

Small based server with 20 slots, no lag, it is hosted so it is online 24/7!

Domain IP:


No Griefing
No Stealing
No Cheating
No Glitching
Dont Abuse Exploits
No 3rd Party Programs
No Advertising
Dont Use Explosives
PVP With Respect - At Least Warn Them To Go Away First If You Dont Want To Fight
Dont Mess Up The Terrain
No Explosions


Essentials: For /home /warps, chat, nicks, etc.

GroupManager : For Permissions

CoreProtect : For event logging and grief discovery
Griefing is an instant ban.

IGN : Obviously
Age : Nice to know
Skype: If applicable
Minecraft Expertice
Why you want to join : Just trying to see who you are

Additional mods needed below are the links:

Rougelike Dungeons

Weeping Angels Mods

Go to where your direwolf20 documents save, go into minecraft then drag and drop the zips into the mods folder and start direwolf20 and join, its as easy as that!

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