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PhillipsCraft FTB Ultimate Reloaded

PhillipsCraft FTB Ultimate Reloaded


PhillipsCraft has a long history of being a previous successful and top server on PlannetMinecraft for Tekkit. Moving on, the server was also sucessful as a FTB Ultimate 1.4.7 server but closed because of school work commitments.

Recently I have opened up a FTB Ultimate Reloaded server with a server host and wholeheartedly invite anyone join and encourage those to play as we need to build back up our staff and trusted players!

Banned Items:
Portal Guns,
World Anchors - Ask For Permission
Mining Drill
That's all!

The basics such as no cheating,
Purposeful griefing of peoples land without a reason,
Don't create lag or purposefully slow down server,
Be friendly and polite,

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