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Spawn Main Board

Spawn Main Board

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How to read the server rules
Banned Items

Banned Items

Our server banned item list
Admin Shop

Admin Shop

The Opening to our adminshop


Our server Portals for the mining world ect

BedrockLegends is a family friendly community. We do not allow any offensive conversations or
swearing on our servers. We want today's youth to be free from vulgar language.

Unleashed IP:

We have very few Banned Items, Great Staff and 24 hour server up time.
Our worlds such as: Nether, End, Mining World, and Twilight Forest
reset once every month. (Note: Any Items left in any of these worlds during a reset will not be Replaced)

we have a adminshop player shops and a Trade shop

Want to play on another one of our servers but still want to be able to chat with your friends
no problem all our servers are connected through IRC (Internet Relay Chat) where you can communicate
to anyone no matter what server your on.

Server Ips:
Infinity IP:
Skyfactory Ip: (server coming back soon)

We have a few Video Tutorials on our website allowing you to get information in any mod pack.


We also have team-speak3 where players can hang and play together. We also will be there to
help you with any problems you may be having whether its computer problems or in-game help.

Teamspeak IP:

Server Plug-ins: Grief Prevention, Lockete, LWC, Economy, Connected chats between servers with IRC.

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